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All names here are crawled from public websites.
Public means that anyone with Internet access can find them. Examples: Google Plus, Facebook,phone books,newspapers,random generated.
Those with privacy concerns should realize that we only store names and nothing more.
Asking to have a name removed from these lists is pretty much useless because of the following reasons:
1. It's hard to prove that you are the only holder in the world of that specific name
2. Even if we remove it from our Name List, there are 10+ other sites which still have it.
3. Do you have any patent to prove that you are the sole owner of name ?
4. Do you seen any defamatory material about your name here ? (If then please add the details)
5. Why can't i name my child to any random or specific name?
6. Do you think there is no possibility of having the same name to my kins,friends,relatives,neigbours...etc?
7. In most cases the page is a mirror of your search result like "http://namesof.com/name-asserewrwe" where "asserewrwe" is a variable where any value can replace
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